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Ivy Whitrock



December 7, 2009


Mike & Cade getting checked out on Papa's boat.
Lake Geneva
August 14, 2009


Cade's 8th Birthday Party
August 9, 2009



















































Papa's remodeling his house, and Cade and his Dad are helping!
July 17, 2009




Cade screwing down the wood planks to the floor joists.


Dueling Drills!


Cade's new Hitachi 12-Volt Lithium Ion Micro Driver Drill


Cade ripping out old vinyl and sub-floor.
July 13, 2009


Cade working under the watchful eye of his Dad.




July 10, 2009


Dad, Cade & Dave Algiers



Cade loading the dump trailer.


May 25, 2009
Villa D'Carol Restaurant






Ivy's 3rd Birthday
April 10, 2009



April 13, 2009






































Nathan Lahti
First Sting Ray
Anclote River
April 18, 2008


Nathan Lahti
Climbing Grandma Horton's Orange Tree
April 13, 2009


Nathan Lahti
Fishing the Anclote River
April 13, 2009


Nathan Lahti
First Catfish
Anclote River
April 14, 2009


Papa Tom & Nathan Lahti
First Mangrove Snapper
Anclote River
April 7, 2009


Kenosha County Fair



Disney World
January 2009










































Capt. Jack's Sunset Grille
Tarpon Springs, FL


Mangrove Snapper
Anclote River







Nicole & Ivy
Anclote River Park






Tampa International Airport
Unhappy Campers!